Michael and Tradition

According to tradition, if you ask Archangel Michael for help he will assist you, but you must give him something in return, due to his righteous nature. Specifically, if you promise something to Michael then neglect to keep your word after he has helped you out, he will show you very clearly that he is not pleased with you, until you fulfill your promise. Both historical and current stories abound in this regard, with one of the most interesting originating from Panormitis, Greece.

Reportedly, Michael prevents boats from leaving the docks in the region by stopping their engines. Such events are so common that ferry boat captains have to inform their passengers that someone aboard must have forgotten to keep their word to the Archangel. Meanwhile, once the relevant promise has been duly fulfilled, regardless of its nature, the boats’ engines then reportedly proceed to work as though nothing untoward had previously occurred. To the left is a picture of the miraculous, revealed icon of St Michael of Panormitis.