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Michael the consoler – 2

Your sweetness as the consoling Archangel-Prince of the heavenly hosts is full of delicacy and beauty. Since it is as different from your generally fierce demeanor as day is to night, your title should be Michael the sweet Archangel. You never fail to come, no matter where you may be, when people call upon you… Read More »

Michael’s words before fighting Lucifer

The words of Archangel Michael, immediately prior to fighting Lucifer and his angels in Heaven (Rv 12:7-9), after Lucifer had declared that he would not serve God: “Worthy is the Highest of honor, praise and reverence, and of being loved, feared and obeyed by all creation. He is mighty to work whatever He desires. He that is increate… Read More »

Michael and souls in Purgatory

The following are examples of Michael’s assistance to souls who have died, but not yet been allowed to enter into Heaven due to their need for further purification, before going to live with the Triune God: “A Cistercian monk appeared to a priest friend soon after his death and told him that he would be… Read More »

A description of Michael

Archangel Michael likes to appear as short, stocky, fierce and beautiful. In other words, Michael comes as the warrior that he is, despite his friendliness when he speaks and sometimes coming without his armor. Michael’s being is always enveloped in light – the Divine Light – but the expression on his countenance is generally puckered,… Read More »

Ask Michael for protection

Given the mass murder which occurred in Newton, Connecticut, ask the Archangel Michael for his protection and care. He will not hesitate to help out because he is the great defender of our times. It is written in Scripture that Michael is the angel who will chain the Evil One, so the era of peace… Read More »

The adoration of Michael

Archangel Michael adores God wholeheartedly, especially God the Father. He kneels deeply in front of Him in total adoration, praying with his hands clasped, and with a most intense look of profound love on his face. Meanwhile, his face shines translucently as it reflects the immutable splendor of the Divine Light. Michael is not distracted… Read More »