A comparative description of Archangels Michael and Raphael

Two of the most beautiful beings ever created by God our Father are His archangels Michael and Raphael. These two archangels are as different in character as they are similar in nature. Archangel Michael appears as short, stocky and fierce – a typical warrior, whereas Archangel Raphael appears as very tall, elegant and quiet – ‘stately’… Read More »

The Prince of the heavenly hosts and the angels

Michael is the Warrior-Prince of the heavenly hosts. As such, the angels “most willingly and gratefully recognize his supremacy, for after God, they owe to him their perseverance in grace and their eternal happiness . . . They are attentive to his slightest wish, seeing in his commands and regulations the Will of God” (St… Read More »

The sweetness and availability of Michael

Intense but delicately sweet is who you are, in your relationship with mankind. Your sweetness underlies everything you do, even when you maintain a reserved demeanor because of the serious nature of your duties. Love is what you constantly manifest despite your unwavering fierceness, and steadfast reliability is your prime characteristic. You can always be… Read More »

The reserved demeanor of Michael

The demeanor of Archangel Michael is more often than not fairly reserved and ‘puckered,’ despite being sweet and extremely loyal, because his main assignment consists of stopping Satan dead in his tracks and defeating him, regardless of what the latter may be up to.

Michael the fierce Archangel

In battling Satan, Michael is fierce – more fierce than any other angel. In fact, he could possibly be called the Prince of fierceness in this regard for, when Michael fights, he does so with no holds barred. He plunges himself into battle with a thoroughness, swiftness, and accuracy of aim that are stunning. He… Read More »

The story of Michael and Satan

Prior to the beginning of time, “The Heavenly Father revealed to the Angels the future Incarnation of His Divine Son, whom they were to adore in His Sacred Humanity . . . He also revealed to them the surpassing dignity and glory of Mary whom, as the Mother of God, they were to venerate as… Read More »

Venerating Michael

“Veneration of Saint Michael is the great remedy against despising the rights of God, against insubordination, skepticism and infidelity” (St Francis de Sales).

Quis ut Deus? Serviam

“Quis ut Deus? Serviam! Who is like God? I will serve!” This is the victorious cry first uttered by Archangel Michael, after defending God the Father against Lucifer and the principalities and powers who opposed Him before the beginning of time (Rv 12:7-9). It is this battle-cry which needs to be our wholehearted and immediate… Read More »